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      Ideal for the precise, mechanical cut

      Ergonomic handles for ideal handling. Wave-ground cutting blades for a precise cut and top finish lawn edge.


      Lightweight design

      Ergonomic and lightweight design for the perfect lawn edges


      Easy, comfortable cutting

      GARDENA Mechanical Grass Shears are ergonomically designed to make cutting as easy and comfortable as possible. The soft components and special handle shape allow a firm grip and light handling while the blades can be rotated to suit your left or right hand.


      25-year warranty

      Our mechanical grass shears are designed and built using our long experience and the highest quality materials. We′re so confident, all GARDENA menchanical grass shears are guaranteed by a 25-year warranty.


      Setting the standard

      High quality and innovative solutions. The GARDENA Manual Grass Shears has no ifs and buts - the clippers are suitable for both left- and right-handed users.

      Classic Grass Shears
      Article No. : 8730-30
      The starter shears in top quality. Subject to previous agreement.
      Classic Grass Shears, rotatable
      Article No. : 8731-30
      The starter shears in top quality - for right- and left-handed people. Subject to previous agreement.
      Comfort Long-Handled Grass Shears
      Article No. : 12100-20
      The convenient way to cut lawn edges – without bending down
      Comfort Grass Shears
      Article No. : 8733-20
      For clean and simple lawn edging
      Comfort Grass Shears, rotatable
      Article No. : 8734-20
      Flexible Grass Shears – for right- and left-handed people
      Comfort Grass Shears, rotatable
      Article No. : 8735-20
      Flexible Grass Shears – comfortable and ergonomic